Consignment Agreement

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Consigning a vehicle – particularly an RV – is not something that you do every day.  We recognize that, which is why we are very up front and transparent about the process.  Sell your RV with ease by partnering with RV Consignment Center.

As a one-stop shop for the region’s RV shoppers, consigning your vehicle through RV Consignment Center will provide you unmatched visibility, meaning you’ll likely sell your vehicle much sooner, with none of the usual hassle.  No tours to give.  No waiting through test drives.  No getting stood up by no shows.  No need to be involved in any haggling.  Let us take care of the dirty work of finding you a great buyer for your RV.

View our full consignment agreement by clicking on the image on the left.  And answering your questions in our specialty.  Feel free to ask all of them, any time.