Services and Maintenance

Superior Motors Inc

Services and Maintenance

Standard Safety Towable Inspection – $399.99

Battery, tire and brake inspection. Axle and leaf spring inspection. Propane leak test; smoke and propane detectors; water system; and all electrical outlets for voltage and correct polarity.

Slide out maintenance – $89 per slide

Ensure the smooth functioning of your slides. We’ll
lubricate track and gear slide mechanisms, treat rubber
bulb seals and wipers, and inspect alignment, toppers, and seals. Battery Service
Ensure the functionality of your batteries. We’ll clean the terminals and posts, test amps/volts, and apply anti-corrosive.
Single Battery – $65
Two Batteries – $125
Six batteries – $179

Propane inspection and Service – $129

A Full LP systems check. We’ll make sure regulators,
tanks, and detectors are all in working order, and also
do a line pressure and leak test.

Furnace Inspection and Service – $199

We’ll conduct furnace maintenance by cleaning the main
burner orifice, blower wheel, and electrode assembly. Test and inspect the module board, combustion chamber, and fan motor, then if needed, reassemble the furnace with new gaskets.

Water Heater Inspection and Service – $89

A full system check on the water heater. We’ll check the
condition of the anode rode and relief valve, adjust burners and electrodes, check the thermocouple and module board, the burner assembly, as well as removing cobwebs and critter debris.

Refrigerator inspection and Service – $99

We’ll ensure the fridge is air tight, and properly ventilated. Test LP pressure and electric systems, and clean out vents of cobwebs and critter debris.

30 Point Inspection – $249

The whole package to make sure your rig is in working
order! We’ll check all electrical systems/outlets and the generator. LP System check of the fridge/stove. Check plumbing for leaks and operation. All appliances check. Slide out/awning, and more!

Air Condition Inspection and Service – $129

We’ll examine AC unit for cracks/damage.
Check the compressor for its voltage and amperage.
Cleanout the filter and drains.

Roof inspection and Preventative Maintenance – $399

We’ll inspect the roof of your RV for cracks, clean the roof and apply Dicore self-leveling sealant treatment on any exposed cracks to protect it for years to come, then apply UV protection.

Electrical System Inspection and Service – $129

A complete electrical system inspection. 1 2volt, lights, outlets and their polarity, monitor panel, and the generator operation and its OUtPUt. Fuse panel and circuit breakers.

Appliance & Accessory inspection & Service – $129

We’ll go through and make sure all appliances are working TV/DVD Player, Radio, Range/oven. AC, Awning, Refrigerator, water heater, microwave and any other appliances.

Winterization – $79

We’ll get your rig ready for winter! This includes draining the fresh water from the tank and water heater, and blow out the lines with compressed air. We’ll also fill P-traps with anti-freeze, and pour 1 gallon of anti-freeze into the black and gray holding tanks.

Generator Service – $ 189

We’ll clean terminals and connections on battery. Inspect exhaust and air filter and replace if necessary. Change oil and filter. Check fuel filter and replace if necessary. Additional parts will be an extra fee.